West High Parking
West High Parking

Neighborhood Concern: Student Overflow Parking

Currently, about 45 of your neighbors are being negatively impacted from daily street parking by students from West Salem High School. Without a neighborhood solution, it is likely that more of us will be impacted in the future.

We recently surveyed 75 neighbors most directly affected by this “overflow” student parking to measure the actual levels of their concern.

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS:  Brief Analysis of Respondents answers: 
  1. Approximately 70% indicated “At times” to “Frequent” levels of impact from the student parking activity.
  2. The primary hours of concern are approximately 7:00 AM through 4:00 PM.
  3. The greatest concerns (over 60%) were for Litter, Obstructive parking (driveways or garbage collection) and apparent violations of parking statutes (no curbed wheels, >12” from curb, on corners, etc.)
  4. 70% will consider or actually purchase Residential Parking permits if they are made available.
  5. 87% are concerned that their property values are being impacted by the overflow parking.
  6. Over 90% express middle to high levels of concern even if they are not directly impacted at this time.
  7. 88% express an interest in petitioning the City of Salem for relief.
  8. 36 respondents (63%) took personal time to provide written responses and suggestions about this issue.
  9. 46 of 51 provided their actual property addresses, representing a total of 93 lots in the development (three are builders owning multiple lots).
  • For more background information on why this survey was created, please click HERE.
  • To see detailed survey responses and the property owner comments/suggestions, please click HERE.
  • To review a suggested plan to address this concern with the city, please click HERE.

As property owners in West Meadows Estates, we have the opportunity to influence what kind of neighborhood we live in. Please review the survey data detail on our West Meadows website and provide us with your thoughts about how you want your Homeowners Association to respond.

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